Our Mission

K2T Fitness provides in home personal training that helps parents and professionals gain more confidence, strength and energy without going to the local gym. Our goal is to deliver solutions that work for you!

Why Choose K2T Fitness

We get it! Your busy schedule can be quite a hassle or you might dislike going to the gym! We will create a plan that fits you best, in the comfort of your own home.


We deliver the ultimate in home strength training program to help you drop all the stubborn fat and build more muscle. With all the equipment provided and our expertise, we can train you anywhere you like!


Losing weight, gaining strength and sustaining the results is impossible without sound nutrition. With a balanced plan around calories and macros, we educate you about diet facts/myths, food quality, and portion control without restricting yourself from the foods you love.


Change your lifestyle with us! We believe in making mindful choices and small changes over time. We will focus on your sleep, overall movement and moderation. Positively change your life with a balanced lifestyle.



Success Stories



“I was looking to get into shape as I had been a couch potato and gained some extra pounds that my body was not happy with. My friend referred me to Kristine and I couldn’t be happier! She is great, very professional and makes exercising fun … Read More


“I began training with Kristine mid-last year. My goal was to lose the post covid weight gain. We set up a target to lose 20 pounds. On the first day of the weigh-in, she took my pictures and measurements and talked about how to track my daily food intake and my steps. And then it all began 🙂 She was constantly encouraging and motivating me. She kept track of what I ate and suggested alternative means to eat healthily… Read More


“I have been training with Kristine for about 6 months now. And it has been an absolute pleasure and a very rewarding experience. The thing which stands out for Kristine from other trainers (as I tried bunch of them) is, holding you accountable and making sure we are working towards our goal in a systematic manner but still keeping it relaxed… Read More


Ready to create a positive change with one of our at-home personal trainers? Make it happen by getting in touch with us! Drop your details, and we will connect with you soon.