How To Increase Your Neat – A Guide

Weight loss is a hassle that can feel like a burden if you are constantly working and yet not seeing any results. NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, which is the new approach to a better, much healthier self. Nobody wants to feel tired from being sedentary all day. Believe it or not, all that sitting around all day can actually make you more tired!

Here is a case study to help you better understand that NEAT is accountable for all the energy we utilize in the time we are primarily focused on a task that can effectively burn more calories. This includes simple things like standing, fidgeting, or moving around. Shocking research has shown that there is a high possibility that you can burn more calories by just moving around rather than putting your time in the gym.

Here we have a little case study showing the results are pretty impressive.


Let’s assume that someone who weighs approximately 145 lbs can burn around 100 calories in their office job. Now this means that they are burning 1.7 kcal each minute. If the same person performs the same position but does it while standing, they will burn around 175 calories in the same duration. It may not seem like much, but if you multiply the numbers, you will notice a massive difference. This comparison will become more prominent as you see the overall details. With a 50-week work year and the same schedule, the same person would have to squeeze in 60-30 minutes of running or brisk walking to achieve the same results. Also, to put this in perspective, this extra 75 calories per day can lead to a 7.5 pound weight loss over the course of a year.

Here are some of our tips and tricks to increase your NEAT:


Per the case study above, simply standing at your desk can lead to an extra 7.5 pound weight loss over a year. The best part is, it will not even take any extra time on your part!


Incremental body movement is one of the best ways to complete the tasks and keep your metabolism up and running. These tasks may look small, but they are some of the best for moving your body. It involves making your bed, pacing back and forth while brushing your teeth, or putting away all the laundry. Dusting or vacuuming the house can be one of the best general activities to get started on the movement. Wash your car by hand, or make a routine cleaning schedule that will keep you on your feet for that particular hour. This movement has proven to show increased efficiency or brain activity and an even better mindset.


Walking and grounding are some of the best methods to get you up and ready for the day. Whether you are just getting up or need to utilize the daily step count, a brisk walk can be the ultimate solution for those extra calories. If your workplace is close to your home, we suggest taking a walk whenever feasible. The trick to a healthy heart is utilizing the best possible resources to protect your heart from pollution and cholesterol because these are the main culprits of heart diseases. Whenever you get the time, whether it is to get the dog out for the loo or simply spend time with your kids, this increase in a heartbeat can encourage a healthier lifestyle.


The world is shifting towards a mechanized change; however, you can always change that mindset by simply making a few changes. If you have an office on the first few floors of the building, we suggest you start opting for stairs. The inclination to climb upstairs has the potential to increase your heartbeat, which can ultimately get the rhythm of your heartbeat regulated. These little steps can make all the difference, and it is all about enhancing that rhythm with your body. The more you move, the better you will feel in the long term as long as you are not exhausting yourself.


Do you try to bring as many dishes as possible to the sink at the same time? Bring as many bags as possible at the same time into your house? Stack up all the laundry into one huge pile to bring it to its destination? Don’t! Try to make as many trips as possible. Bringing one dish to the kitchen sink, one bag in from your car, or just a couple pieces of laundry to its drawer/closet.

We all know how hard weight loss can be, and NEAT is one of the best ways to get your body moving and burn more calories. If losing those extra pounds is the basic objective, then NEAT is the common solution to get started. It may seem like a lot, but these are the overall lifestyle changes that can make a positive impact on your body. Small changes in your NEAT can make a massive difference. So let’s get moving!

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